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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  May 30, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> hey, everybody, breaking news off the top tonight. former national security advisor michael flynn we've learned will hand over some documents to the senate committee. we are learning this, watching this ca
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communications resigning just three months into the job. that's what we're talking about tonight at 6:30. check the run down for the hot stories we're following for you right now. let's take you to 1600 pennsylvania avenue. all seems pretty calm there on the outside, but behind the scenes there are reportedly a lot of chaos a lot of things going on there. as we mentioned we learned president trump's communications director mike upper darby key resigned may 18, but offered to stay on through the president's first oversees trip. dub key is parting on good terms. the name doesn't really ring a loft bells out there, but communication's job that's what george step nap lose had in the clinton white house. jason miller who was with the trump campaign decided he was not going to take the job. we just don't know. simply the
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the facts. it's all about keeping everybody on mess aiblg let's be honest there's a lot of different messages coming out at different times. the president coming to his son-in-law's defense. president trump telling the new york times jared is doing a great job for the country. there are reports that kushner has been told to lay low in the wake of reports that he has tried toette s up secret meeting with the russians. several white house staffers were q by the allegations. they say they are routine and. i think he is frustrated like i am and like so many others that these stories come out that are patently false. when you see stories get perpetrated that are absolutely false, that are not based in fact, that is
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>> and one of the issues that came out tonight, too, the white house has made a narrative they don't like anonymous sources. they say thattic fake news. >> today president trump tweeted articles that had anonymous sources. >> and sean spicer was asked about that and he didn't have much to say about it. let's bring in republican strategist to break things down for us. >> good to have you both in here tonight. we're going to start with spicer. a lot of people were watching him to see what came out of this any surprises for you in. >> no, let's be honest. there were a up can of things that were approached, defense homeland security secretary john kelly said this wasn't that really big of a deal for jared kushner to set up. >> i grew up with a saying keep your friends closure, your
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calls for his security clearance to be pull. there have been calls for him to resign, a back channel okay? >> it is way premature to talk about pulling his security clearance or anything else. we need to know what was said. was it done by the president's request. we just don't know anything about this yet other than, you know, the report that came out of a leaked intelligence source. how much do you guys think that this has to do with the fact that here's a guy, he has his job because, look there's no doubt about it, he's accomplished in that he worked in real estate before, but doesn't have diplomatic experience, come in with any government experience. how much of this is based on the fact that maybe he was just a little naive about this? i think you can make a case that jared kushner is a very smart guy, some mistakes may have been made, but let's take a look at this in the first place, if there was any
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the russians and the president why would a back channel need to be set up in the first place? do you want to up. q. p in there, gary. >> again, it doesn't seem like a really smart idea to me, but we don't know anything more than these two or three sentences that out over the weekend. >> let me switch gears about the breaking news that came down just a short time ago. >> it seems like a lot of this came out about michael flynn. we've learned that he's going to do with his businesses. he pled the fifth. >> what do you think is going on here? how damaging could this be for the white house. >> that we don't know, but flynn is between a hard and a rock place. he has a subpoena from congress to turn over the papers. if he refuses that, then he's in contempt of
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fifth amendment claims over paper. so he's really doing what he has to do. he doesn't have a choice here. what we'll see is what are in these papers before you can assess if it's going to many dangerous deliveries age the white house. just to buy that together. kushner's attorney said he'll cooperate with awful this. i feel like on the one side they're pledging some level of transparency, some level of forthright to the investigation into these ties. i mean the opticses on that would be quite positive. >> i would say, so i think if you just look at the behavior, flynn is probably in more trouble or more potential trouble than certainly kushner. spencer, do you think that the media is being fair to this administration? >> i think there's a lot of parallels here between the trump campaign handling this crisis with the russians and the clinton campaign handling the crisis with the e-mails. i think
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drip factor that happened on both sides with the clinton e-mails and with the president trump administration with the russians i think there's this daze california approach in the beginning where it wasn't this serious, this 25 news cycle with both the e-mails and the russian occurrences, i would em ploar the present trump administration to get all this out front as soon as possible. get this over with. set up your war room department, communications department where they can block and tackle these issues as they come up, but also have it part of your communications department that can talk about your pro-trump administration message of cutting taxes, of creating jobs, of repealing and replacing obamacare. we went and asked people about that yesterday. i want to ask you one quick thing, hypothetical 2017 won the election, her
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to the russia to set up communication do you think things would be the same. >> absolutely the same, in my opinion. >> i think what the present trump administration has to get this out in front and move forward? a. guys, it's great to hear from both of you. >> thanks for coming in. >> with two weeks to go with the virginia primary, the quinn acc poll has ed gill gill less lead state senator frank wagner 7 percent and undecided at 5 percent. we've seen all the ads for the democrat race. we're talking about this race, all i've seen is tom parallel and ralph norman on the democratic side. i haven't seen many republican adses so
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>> you're right. can i make shawn feel better for a second. >> yes, please. >> if i've had a disiem for disiem dime for every time i mispronounced quinn pi acc. >> getting back to the subject at hand. what is this about? all right. this is an old story than a it's so old you got to go back to 2001. here's the deal. back in 2001, ed gillespie who as we know was the former chairman of the republican national committee. well, he went into the lobbying business one of his clients was tyson foods, the big chicken company. tysons was accused back in 2001 of bringing in illegal i am grants to work in their company they retained the services of ed gillespie's pr company to the tune of over a million dollars. h this hit the papers today and soon
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stuart's hand, that is gillespie opponent in the gop republican primary. as you well know, stuart has been a long, vocal of strict enforcement immigration law in this country and he ceased upon this today saying that gillespie is not what he appears to be, he's not this conservative that is going to get tough on immigration. he's hypocritical on this issue because he did lobbying on behalf of a company that was accused of immigration violation. we asked him about this today. we wanted to know whether he thinks this late in the game, is this going to make any difference when the voting actually comes to a head in two weeks? this is what he haded to say. he wants to have it both what is. on the one hand during this primary he's saying that he's going to be tough on
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tough doesn't mean amnesty. being tough dwos not mean trying to cover up charges against american corporations that are exploiting illegal immigrants. so we reached out to ed gillespie's campaign today for a comment. they sent us back a statement reading in part, kor i stuart's campaign has been a constant extreme of fabrication and false hoods. tyson's retained him in 2001. a jury later found the company not guilty. the bottom line jim and sean is this right now. we have two weeks to go before this gop primary. ed gillespie is far ahead. the quinny pack has him at 27 percent. kor i stuart is way down there. we asked h him about this today, you get the answer you'd expect. the politician hyped
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the polls, but let's also remember, folks, that there was a poll back in october that said if we believed them, hillary clinton would be our president right now. >> yep. >> so we have recent experience. >> sure we have. >> to show that these polls are not always what they appear to be. >> give kor i stuart the benefit of the disowt. \he\es has a way of getting headlines, giving out guns. he's found a way to get media attention when helps out his campaign. maybe he's found some lightening in a bottle this time. you're right. this has probably been the best day he's had. he's also run into some other problems along the way. it's coming late in the game. perhaps maybe too late. but for stuart's part today this was an issue they thought they could cease upon and they did. >> sure h. >> thank you and thanks for making me feel better over saying quinny pack. our
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producer josh who does 5@6:30, he's a grad. he just texted me to say bobcats class of 05. >> thank you, fits. let's talk a little bit about the weather. we have seeing our fair share of severe weather moving through. >> i'm happy to tell you that at the moment we live no warnings, no severe thunderstorm warnings or tornado warning. we are still tracking two storms, but the loudon county storm has gotten quite a bit bitter. we're watching that one and that has gotten lighter. the southern stoirms still on the strong side so let's focus on that for just a minute and i wanted to show you that that is morning across southern portions of fauquier into stafford. heads up. it is loaded with heavy lightning as it continues moving southeast at about 30 miles an howmple the clouds have tried to break up across our
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warning briefly for clark county in virginia. we'll have a complete report on what happened there tonight at ten. meanwhile as we look at temperatures we've cooled back down in places like culpeper that were as warm as 79 just an hour ago. d.c. is 70 than a your weather headlines to give you an idea of what to expect going forward, the clouds and a the fog build back in tomorrow night. once again it will be one of these races to see how fast does it break up. we suspect that it will break up faster tomorrow and a warmer day and more thunderstorms because another frontal boundary will be moving on through. thursday looks absolutely beautiful but the unsettled does return for frida and the weekend. warnings right now have been dropped, but caitlyn and i will be busy keeping you ahead of anything else that happens and your fox5 weather app available on your
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all with a 2-year agreement. switch now at republican leaders are trying to do this to affordable health care. i'm tom perriello and in congress i voted for obamacare because it was wrong that a million virginians weren't covered while insurance companies held all the power. now i'm running for governor because it's wrong that most virginia incomes haven't gone up in 20 years. together, we can stop donald trump, raise wages and build an economy that works for everyone. and we'll make sure this never happens in virginia.
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>> welcome back at 5569:30. hundredses of service advisors are in our nation's cap l toll to show our support. catherine monae for homeless veterans is here. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> this is timely, we had memorial day yesterday, but let's talk about the veterans that are with us. how many veterans are homeless or ares facing homeless \{^s}\in\{^ness}\. there are under 40,000 veterans that are experiencing homeless necessary this has been an issue, i know the past couple of years we've heard politicians bring h this up. we all want to see that number go down to diseer on. why are there veterans out there that aren't being cared for the way you think the government would care for the
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big issues that we think about is that affordable housing is a big issue for everybody. if you think about it affordable housing is out of reach for folks like us, so if you have additional issueses that make housing even harder to find -- especially in places like d.c. >> in d.c. particularly. for those of us who are watching or even those who own businesses right now, how do we help? how do we stop this problem. you go home off and serve your country, you come home and you think your country is going to be there for you. >> you think of getting folks in housing first and then you pair that with employment and healthcare and all the other services that kind of follow. as an individual i would definitely encourage people to get involved with our organization. with but i thine
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your local community efforts whether that means volunteering at a shelter, bring your unique skills to another organization's mission in a way that would impact them. are you based here in d.c. >> yes, we are. we have over p hundred members across the country. >> there are various advocates in d.c., is there a gathering going on right now. >> all week. we have our annual conference here. many of our members have joined us to talk about increasing access for affordable housing and quite frankly to end veteran homeless \{^s}\in\{^ness}\. i know a lot of people don't think bit. i know there are a lot of other issues that go into it as well. >> thanks for coming and sharing. hopefully folks wwwnc wwwnchv. or g. we tweeted that out,
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>> president trump meta special six year old yet yesterday at arlington cemetery. >> christian phillips dressed if full marine gear to honor his father. he died during a training exercise during 2011. today on fox and friends christian and his mom described what it was like to meet the commander in chief. i said do you want to come and see my dad and he said, sure. he came over there and i said hello. this is the pillow that a lady made me. and i started showing the pictures to him. >> it was surreal. it was crazy. we didn't expect it. we were hoping we'd get to see him there that day. it was just amazing. it was just amazing. by the way, little christian wants to follow in his father's footsteps and become
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when he gross up. we certainly wish him well. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. people are talking about a gory photograph that comedian kathy griffin took with a bee headed donald trump. this might be tough to look at so there's a quick warning. let's give you a quick look at what this is. this was tweeted out today. you know, we've heard that trump's critics have secured him for insighting violence, the question is did griffin do the same? she didn't make any apologies for this. you can take it down. >> let's get rid of it. when we see pictures like this going out there, the question is if you had somebody -- lose the picture, guys. p we had somebody with a bee headed barack obama, what would the reaction be? a. people would be furious. q. and rightfully so. >> it should be the same way with with this. there is free speech, but i think there is a
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if you need to do something like that, maybe you should do it in your home. people are going to talk about it, but there are better ways of showing your disgust and your anger, whatever you want to do. >> absolutely. we're back after this.
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>> he says that she's nothing about a -- i got to be honest, i kind of enjoyed. controversial talk show jerry springer. i enjoyed it, but it was one of the talk shows back in the day where you got to watch it. >> there are democrats in ohio that are urging jer springer to run for president. the talk host show does have a a little bit l background. he was the mayor of cincinnati, ohio, back in the 1970s. i could see jerry springer running and people loving him. however, i i don't think it will be the same. i mean, look,
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of people run for all kind of offices and win these days. it's not farfetched to see former politician turned entertainer go back to politician. >> guy who he replaced ending up running for mayor. it works all ways. >> congratulations for pit bull for having the most fringe worry memorial day tweet. like many mr. worldwide mr. 305, the words were fine, but then he added the photo of himself superimposed on the american flag and some say he may have gonna little l too far. >> i do. i don't think he's a veteran. >> he is not. and memorial day is about honoring the veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice. >> it's all about banding sometimes. >> it is i think a couple years ago, i
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or one of those brands, they put themselves. >> a perfect song as you head out tonight, by the way. >> yes, indeed, thanks for joining us tonight at 6:30. see you tonight at ten and 11. good night.
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harvey: hours after tiger woods got busted for d.u.i., his girlfriend was shopping at neiman-marcus, got a phone call and all hell broke loose. >> she starts crying, breaking down. keeps on saying, i knew it, i knew it. harvey: it sure seems like she's saying this was an accident waiting to happen. >> didn't stop her though from going shopping. she ended up spending $5,000 at neiman. everyone's coming over to console her. >> and meanwhile she's looking for an american express card. [laughter] >> ariana grande is going back to manchester. he's doing a charity concert for all of the victims of the terrorist attack. katy perry will be there, justin bieber, pharrell, take that, which is huge in britain. with robbie williams or nt? >> is that would be huge. >> robbie williams can't say no. >> can't say no. >> force justin timberlake and nsync to come back.


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